Tape is a discovery platform where everything you see is something you can do, helping you find new ways to experience your world with the people you want to share it with.


We work with the creators shaping today’s culture to bring you a range of exceptional and impactful experiences both real and virtual. Experiences are selected because they stand apart from others, and should stand out in your life.


Enjoy your time on Tape, and enjoy your time off Tape even more. Use the  button to book, support and explore the world around you.


Tape is for the culturally curious - giving you inspiration for both work and weekend. Come to Tape when you don’t know exactly what you want to do, but do know you want to try something new.


Each week we’ll share new experiences on Tape. View our Selects and Video sections to discover some of our favorite experiences. Check out the New NYC section for the latest happenings in art, food, music and more; other cities coming soon.


Tape will be in continued development as we add new features to seamlessly discover, book and personalize your suggestions on Tape. Later this year we’ll be rolling out new components allowing you to tokenize your experiences on the blockchain, and unlock additional benefits and rewards.


In 2023 we’re launching Tape Access. This will give you enhanced access to new experiences in NYC (other cities coming soon), and a chance to connect with Tape members who may share similar passions and interests. You can pre-register to get a first look at what’s to come this year here.


We’ve signed the Giving What We Can Pledge and committed 10% of Tape’s profits to effective altruism organizations, 10% of our time to working on impact projects and 10% of our channel’s voice to non-profits.


We welcome your feedback and ideas for things you’d like to see featured. We also work with a range of contributors so please email any suggestions to: ideas@ta.pe.


If you are a cultural organization, company, non-profit, or creator and are working on something that you would like to see featured, please email partners@ta.pe.